Weekly Patch 45: Impatience

It is one of the most necessary patches which serve for Slay the Spire game, especially for players. It will focus on several issues such as the refining upcoming content, preparation for mod support, different bug fixes, and a new option to turn off particle effects for the low-performance machines.

Disable Particle Effects

Disable Particle Effects

The dev team added another choice which will eliminate particle changes from backgrounds and a variety of effects. That will make slower devices perform stronger and laptops will not consume too much battery.

Final Call for Translations

When Early Access of the Slay the Spire game was released, outdated translations must be taken away. If you’d like to see the same languages, you can check support and instructions which are ready at Discord channel [discord.gg].

Community Fanart

Here are a few popular and beautiful pictures related to characters in Slay the Spire game.

Community Fanart

The Merchant by inkywavves[www.instagram.com]


The Silent by /u/cubey1234

The Silent Fire by Nick D.

The Silent Fire by Nick D.

Patch Notes

There are numerous issues that have been improved to build a better gaming experience for users of Slay the Spire game:

UI and Effects

Midas mod wording built to become more appropriate for the Fusion Hammer relic.

Particle effects in Slay the Spire game can be switched off in the Settings section. It will disable the influence of the environment.

Bug Fixes

It is the longest section in the patch of Slay the Spire game. Please spend a little time to take a look at the following list!

  • All Out Attack card’s discards will choose seeds.
  • The Confusion power will run on Curses and Status cards will have costs.
  • The Defect’s initial relic will be marked as seen.
  • Both of Diverse mod and Colorless Cards mod can play at once in Custom Mode and Dailies.
  • Draw Pile will not show that it is a shuffled view order when controlling it with the Frozen Eye.
  • Fixed trouble when creating a card’s cost to zero could not engage on 0 cost cards
  • Fixed colorless pieces existing too often for the corresponding mod
  • Fixed Exploit that made you avoid hand card confirmations
  • Fixed a bug where caused the foes to be more common in unknown rooms due to new mods in Slay the Spire were given
  • Fixed a Run History screen crash in case the run had no relics
  • Fixed how Eviscerate started wrongly with cost reduction effects
  • The Flight’s power description will set again at the beginning of a turn
  • Neow max HP gain and take damage option will not overlap.
  • Meanwhile, Neow’s transform options can use seeds.
  • Several events which did not clear remaining event choices in the proper method when choosing to leave


It is the last part of the Slay the Spire update, consisting of:

  • Improvements for rendering energy orbs and icons for JPN, ZHS, with ZHT
  • Get upgrades for DEU, EPO, ITA, KOR, SPA, UKR, ZHS, ZHT

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