Weekly Patch 46: Adrenaline

Since the current update, in Slay the Spire game, there will be some enemies appearing in Act 3. Additionally, various visual effects have been added with made Neow changes, and numerous performance improvements.

Act 3 Enemies

There are many positive differences which are brought into Act 3. In the enemy pool, you can find stronger jaw worms and a wriggling beast.

Act 3 Enemies

Reptomancer is buffed and considered an elite monster.

Cleared out the encounter between 2 orb walkers, they are guards in an Act 3 event

Visual Effects?!

Cards and an enemy attack in Slay the Spire game gots several unique effects. Added and improved animations for The Silent and Defect. Others will come soon.

Visual Effects

Neow Updates!

You are able to spot some crucial improvements for Neow in Slay the Spire game here:

  • Neow is built to foster creative deckbuilding.
  • Added a fixed set of options for people who cannot reach Act 1 boss
  • Added two Colorless Card-based blessings

Community Fan Art

They are amazing pictures made by fans of Slay the Spire game. You can follow @MegaCrit on Twitter.


Silent with a Treat by Lunamazey

Ironclad by Zan

Ironclad by Zan the 35th



Patch Notes

It is an important section in Slay The Spire Patch 46: Adrenaline.


Although you search for a few ideas in Slay The Spire Patch 46: Adrenaline, they are really remarkable.

  • A Writhing Mass has quick writhing movements in Act 3
  • Jaw Worms can be seen in Act 3
  • Two new Neow beginning bonuses relating to Colorless cards


With balance, Slay the Spire game can work smoothly.

  • Ascension 16 shop price increase has been reduced from +15% -> +10%.
  • Colorless cards’ price is lowered to 1.2x compared to regular ones
  • Deflect+ card buff to 7 Block
  • Double Orb Walker elite encounter is taken away from Slay the Spire
  • Experimenting with the way Neow reacts to the character who does not approach the boss
  • Good Instincts card buff to 5 Block while Good Instincts+ to 8 Block
  • Grand Finale card buff to 50 damage and Grand Finale+ to 60 damage
  • Hand Of Greed card buff to 20 damage. Hand of Greed+ to 25 damage
  • Reptomancer and her daggers get buffs and become an Elite encounter
  • Reptomancer’s heal move removed by a high damage attack
  • Swift Strike card buff to 6 damage. Swift Strike+ buff to 9 damage
  • The Bomb+ card buff to 40 damage
  • The Mysterious Sphere event in Act 3 will select the Double Orb Walker match

Bug Fixes

Bugs always annoy players in Slay the Spire. Don’t worry! We have solutions for these troubles.

  • The Energy orb in Slay the Spire will rotate at a fast pace if it saves enough power.
  • Feed will run rightly on the Awakened One with the second shape
  • Set a correct behavior when duplicating cards with effects
  • Fixed Saving and Loading on Elites in event rooms with Deadly Events mod
  • Fixed a problem when the remain boss’s health bar after they are destroyed
  • Fixed an affair that Transient had HP/damage buffs at wrong Ascension levels
  • Corrected the punctuation in Augmenter event
  • Removed various save bugs to save and load at Neow
  • Controlling Esc with Singing Bowl cannot auto-select the Singing Bowl option on card selection screens
  • Using ESC with Singing Bowl when looking at a stronger card in the reward screen will not make a soft lock
  • Preserved Insect and Sling will be operated in every elite combat
  • Buying Bottle relics will not soft lock
  • The Bomb card’s buff icon will show numbers in blue
  • Slay the Spire game will not get stuck in a continue/abandon loop after switching slots and beating a run
  • When checking old run histories with Brewmaster, the game will not crash


There is only one item in the performance part.

  • Refined performance for text rendering in Slay the Spire game

UI and Effects

Both of UI and effects in Slay the Spire game are offered many changes.

  • There are plenty of additions for cards in Slay the Spire such as VFX for Adrenaline, VFX for Grand Finale, VFX for Offering, VFX for Rainbow, VFX for Searing Blow, or VFX for Whirlwind card
  • Added VFX for Spit Web attack by Louse enemy
  • Improved Forethought card wording
  • Heart icon in top panel will pulse when HP is more than 25%
  • Upgraded Purity card wording
  • Run History can display what occurred in events
  • Run History path will indicate 1 Act per row
  • Increased the boss death timings in fast mode
  • Defect in Slay the Spire game receives a hit react animation
  • Silent has the same state
  • Silent is given a better idle animation
  • If the Colossus daily mod is ready, foes will be rendered 30% larger.
  • When choosing Preserved Insect, affected antagonists will be provided 30% smaller.
  • Whenever you heal, the heart icon will flash green.


Finally, do not ignore localization with something not existing before.

  • Some updates for DEU, EPO, IND, ITA, KOR, POL, RUS, SPA, UKR, ZHS, ZHT
  • Modernized POL credits

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