Weekly Patch 47: Metamorphosis

It is a cool update which focuses on the preparation for the last content in Slay the Spire game in the next week, along with some visual improvements, and fixes for bugs.

Final Content?! (BETA)

The beta branch for Slay the Spire game will be available on Monday! (October 29). In order to block spoilers, the team will not show too many details. But, it is ready to localize for the content 1 or 2 days prior. You can check the newest information on the beta branch here .Remember to transfer save files manually!

Visual Updates

Other visual effects will soon appear in your favorite Slay the Spire game.

Visual Updates

Community Fan Art

There are a few typical images from fans of Slay the Spire.

Fat Gremlin and Ice Cream

Fat Gremlin and Ice Cream by Katie Daniel [www.instagram.com]

This amazing Donu

This amazing Donu patch by /u/JonChinaMan

Deca & Donu

Deca & Donu by 昂拉克[www.pixiv.net]

Patch Notes

The section offers a long list of the main affairs that players in Slay the Spire often experience. However, it is written briefly.


It is the first item that you should read.

  • Fixed the problem when the wrong RNG was chosen to make reward cards
  • Fixed the trouble that the daily scores could not upload


We also have a little info about a necessary part in Slay the Spire game.

  • Council of Ghosts event can provide 3 Apparition on Ascension 15+
  • Prismatic Shard will build the max orbs to 1 only when you own 0 max orbs and you do not become a Defect.
  • Smiling Mask relic cannot pop up on Hoarder daily mod anymore.
  • Standard Runs with set seeds will grant Neow’s Blessing.
  • Wing Boots relic will not spawn on Certain Future daily mod.

UI and Effects

There are numerous additions to Slay the Spire game and others.

  • Added a hit react animation for the Ironclad
  • Added a better idle animation for the Ironclad
  • Added VFX for Blizzard Card
  • Improved Ironclad’s combat sprite
  • Upgraded VFX for Searing Blow card
  • Added 0.1s animation blend between Hit and Idle animations for Ironclad, Silent, and Defect
  • Closing out of a Card Reward screen by using the controller will set again your selection spot for reward screens, hand position, and more.
  • Custom mods will not get overlapping hitboxes.
  • Evoking Orbs is 0.15s faster in Fast Mode.
  • The Silent’s idle animation speed is lowered by 10%.
  • Updated the Preserved Insect description

Bug Fixes

It is an important chapter in Slay the Spire Patch 47: Metamorphosis.

  • Added more details to bottled card saves
  • Defect and The Silent unlocks utilize again present character instances
  • Fixed a situation in which upgrading cards that influenced by Snecko Eye could bring negative cost cards
  • Fixed a memory leak when you got back to the main menu
  • Fixed a bug when deploying Mayhem card would change card rewards
  • Fixed a matter that displayed seed value was calculated each frame
  • Fixed a bug where Neow supplied nothing to players who first met her
  • Fixed an issue revolving around seeded runs
  • Fixed a bug that The Specimen’s Poison transfer could not carry out when the target died before
  • Fixed the True Grit card which did not work properly with seeded runs
  • Solved the bug with Writhing Mass displaying the erroneous intent on turn 1
  • Slay the Spire can complete monitor resolution changes.
  • Mind Bloom event combat will offer the right gold.
  • Poison transfer target for Specimen is seeded unmethodically.
  • Fixed the bug that Random Curse generating effects marked the incorrect curse as seen in the card library
  • Reboot and Deep Breath cards cannot activate shuffle-based relics two times.
  • Relics with counters will not show the counter offset wrongly if you have lots of relics.
  • Fixed the Thank you message in the credits that were informed at the inappropriate time
  • The discard pile will not shuffle inaccurately into the draw pile if getting an entire hand stops every card draw.
  • Fixed Typo in Colossus mod’s name and in We Meet Again event
  • Improved the energy orb rendering logic on cards
  • The vintage modifier can completely release cards on bosses.


There are two major ideas for the near end part of Slay the Spire Patch 47: Metamorphosis.

  • Fusion card performs stronger for modders
  • Eliminated excess dungeon scene foreground rendering


  • Have several updates for DEU, EPO, ITA, KOR, POL, RUS, SPA, TUR, ZHS, and ZHT

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