Weekly Patch 48: Creative AI

Happy Halloween!

Like the previous part, the dev team of Slay the Spire game worked on the final content which is being tested in the beta. Aside from that, they also offer various fixes and improvements in Weekly Patch 48: Creative AI.

Final Content

As mentioned, it is being checked in the beta branch.

Beta Art!

They drew and received lots of placeholder arts. They stated that they would share them in Slay the Spire. But, not all their cards have placeholder art. To help them, you can move to:[docs.google.com].

Beta Art!

They need a 500 x 380 PNG image which is suitable to the card template. Remember that Status and Curse cards will use the Skill template!

Attack template

Attack template


Skill/Status/Curse template

Power template

Power template

Submission Guidelines

Note! Your suggestions can be rejected by the dev team of Slay the Spire due to the following reasons:

  • Suggestive or offensive content
  • Too little effort
  • Too much effort
  • Too many submissions from a single person
  • There’s already art for that card.
  • It is not related to the card.
  • It’s too late.

If everything is complete, post the image and tag them @Developers at our Discord server,[discord.gg] or email them at support@megacrit.com.

Community Fan Art

You can take a look at the images below. They are made by those who love Slay the Spire game.


The characters cosplaying each other by /u/Dragonclaude

The Silent

The Silent by @nick_jeez[www.instagram.com]

Deca and Donu Redesign

Deca and Donu Redesign by Mr. Krane[www.artstation.com]

Patch Notes

It provides a lot of useful info involving with several issues in Slay the Spire game.


  • Reworded eliminating the Colossus mod

UI and Effects

  • Changed the margin for run history’s path elements
  • Improved the Blizzard’s size, velocity, and SFX pitch scaling logic (up to 50 Frost)
  • Checkbox to view upgrade is widened.
  • Upgraded Dagger Spray VFX readability
  • Thousand Cuts power’ can show VFX faster.

Bug Fixes

It is an essential section of Slay the Spire Patch 48: Creative AI.

  • Added logic to get rid of the Strike tip
  • Bonfire Spirits event will run if the only remaining cards are bottled.
  • Capitalization fix: Jack Of All Trades is turned into Jack of All Trades.
  • Certain enemies will not get stronger when removing Piercing Wail or Dark Shackles.
  • Electrodynamics’ passively triggered Orbs can end in the right order and flash the orbs
  • Fixed a bug when the Bottled icon could not display in card upgrade screens
  • Fixed the problem that the Dagger Spray VFX would not appear in the proper position
  • Fixed the issue where the Maw antagonist was regarded as elite in the back end
  • Fixed the bug in which the relic outlines were introduced twice in reward screens
  • Fixed the trouble where seeds prevented working after finishing a run until resetting the client
  • Fixed many events modifying eventRNG values
  • Fixing errors with the event logging in Run History
  • Fixed the matter that Gold Shrine was logging a wrong amount of gold got on A15+ for Run History
  • Grammar: Aside -> Beside for Black Star’s flavor text
  • Insanity and Diverse mods will be launched at a time.
  • Resolution fallback will influence Fullscreen only.
  • Shiny mod and Diverse will be operated together in the accurate method.
  • The Lab event will be visible precisely in the Run History.


  • Compressing different over-the-shoulder and character corpse assets in Slay the Spire
  • Cleared unused assets


  • Added a name to DEU credits
  • Updates for DEU, EPO, FRA, IND, ITA, JPN, KOR, POL, RUS, SPA, ZHS, and ZHT
  • Updated REFERENCES.txt

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