Weekly Patch 49: The Designer

It is a necessary update reserved for Slay the Spire game. In which, the team spent time finishing and tweaking up a few contents whilst arranging through and including beta art.

Final Content

It will be ready in the main branch in the upcoming week. The extra music brought in with that content will appear in Slay the Spire – Soundtrack together with the unique track chosen in the Mind Bloom event.

Beta Art

There are a lot of submissions. The beta art submissions will be opened for 1 more week. To see more, you can check the previous weekly announcement.

Community Fan Art

Here are some certain images which are created by fans of Slay the Spire game.

Community Fan Art

Full Heal! by /u/Zixzs


a Transient redesign by MrKrane[www.artstation.com]

Gremlin Leader

Gremlin Leader by @l3w15911

Patch Notes

Come to the most important section in the new update for Slay the Spire to learn much more!


  • Buffed Philosopher’s Stone: Your foes will be given 2 Strength -> 1 Strength.
  • The careless daily mod will not pop up.

Bug Fixes

Do not ignore fixes! They will make your experience and performance in Slay the Spire game.

  • Added another line so Innate keyword is on the one for Machine Learning+
  • Colorless card mod will not incorrectly interact with Shiny mod.
  • Colorless card mod was making colorless cards be added to the card pool two times
  • Dead Adventurer event was not offering the gold properly
  • Fixed for boss treasure rooms in Slay the Spire game which could not correctly appear in the run history screen
  • Fixed cards like Blood for Blood and Masterful Stab being influenced out of the match
  • Fixed the bug when Ambient SFX in the main menu controlled double if loading a profile
  • Fixed where you couldn’t Retain if it was the single card (controllers)
  • Fixing display bugs with the run history screen
  • Mind Blast card will run with Controlled Chaos mod.
  • Fixed Minor Snecko Eye description in Slay the Spire game
  • Painful Stabs power will not cause wounds if the damage was blocked by Buffer.
  • Potential fix for card + end turn button hover creating an annoying sound
  • Stopping crashes for saves that selected outdated run mods like Careless or Colossus
  • Reptomancer enemy was getting the Ascension 18 boost at Ascension 17
  • The Flight daily mod will be deployed with controllers.
  • The Top Panel heal effect cannot release if the rivals heal or gain max HP.
  • You will not be stuck with the Wheel of Change event in Slay the Spire game when the only removable cards in the deck are bottled.

UI and Effects

  • Have several Philosopher’s Stone wording improvements
  • It is possible to unlock the Settings menu when in special card getting screens like from Calling Bell or All Star daily mod.


  • Many updates for DEU, EPO, FRA, IND, ITA, KOR, POL, RUS, ZHS, and ZHT
  • Some updating credits for RUS, and ZHS

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