Weekly Patch 50: The Final Act

It is possible to skip spoilers in Slay the Spire game below if you want to avoid them. The patch also announces some other news.

The Final Act

It is the content in Slay the Spire game. It is easy to access it in Standard and Ascension runs after finishing the match with every hero. It hides:

  • A special Final Act beyond Act 3
  • 1 Elite
  • 1 Boss
  • 4 Achievements
  • Special endings of each character
  • Bonus card portraits used during playtesting and extras by the community

Updates to the Official Soundtrack

Since the new music has been introduced in Slay the Spire, it is available in the Official Soundtrack

The newly added tracks consist of:

  • Mind Bloom
  • The Ending
  • The Heart
  • The Spire Slain
  • Bonus (Launch Trailer)

One Year Anniversary! Hooray!

Slay the Spire was released into Early Access November 14, 2017. The Early Access blurb pointed that the game would be launched by now. However, much more items have been built than the initial plan.


The next patch is December 6.

Community Fan Art

The team of Slay the Spire has received a lot of drawings. They are great with monsters in-game.

The Ironclad

The Ironclad by /u/VaultHunt3r

The Cultist

The Cultist, Slime, and a Slaver by Red Dye No. 5


Neow by Marce Ricardo

Patch Notes

We have brief facts which will pop up in Slay the Spire game.


  • Plenty of Final Acts related content
  • A Note For Yourself event is out of beta

Bug Fixes

You will not see the following issues in Slay the spire game anymore.

  • Ascension 20 can perform on Endless mode.
  • Awakened One and Orb Walkers were not deranging status cards into your draw pile, but a fixed spot.
  • The damage you take in each turn checks for cards were not setting again in the right way.
  • Fixed Mummified Hand relic targeting cards with costs reduced by Setup or Forethought
  • Fixed issue that Nloth’s Face relic used both relics from Matryoshka
  • Fixed problem when the seed in Slay the Spire game was not showing after it was placed in Char Select and Custom Mode screens
  • Fixed bug that viewing relics with Nilrys Codex’ popup brought about matters with controllers
  • Fixed softlock made if you cannot get rid of cards in Back to Basics, Cleric, and Living Wall events
  • HP loss amount is blue for the description of for Neow’s Lament relic
  • Red Skull relic’s Strength obtain is correct to cards at the starting of battles
  • Turnip and Ginger relics stop Artifact from deploying when they disable debuffs.


It is an exciting section that you should read if you are a fan of Slay the Spire.

  • Daily mods that change the earliest deck such as Sealed Deck and Draft will remove Pandora’s Box when it does not anything.
  • Wing Boots relic will not be visible after Floor 40.

UI and Effects

It is a cool part which helps the gaming experience of players in Slay the Spire game get better.

  • With Controllers, you can observe Exhausted cards in a fight easily.
  • Controllers also gain a finer behavior if moving up or down when looking at card screens such as Draw and Discard piles.
  • Energy icon provides on Single Card View screen for Curses with energy costs.
  • The Esc key will allow you to close the playfield and deck view screens.
  • Exhaust Pile utilizes a scrollbar when you have enough exhausted cards.
  • Hovering room elements in Run History will create double size.
  • Icons in Run History screen’s path nodes are better.
  • Regret card wording upgraded to make clear interactions with cards, for example, Rupture.
  • The term Orb Slot(s) in descriptions is lowercased.
  • Title capitalization for Cloak And Dagger turns into Cloak and Dagger.
  • Title capitalization for Hand Of Greed is now Hand of Greed.
  • Title capitalization for Riddle With Holes is Riddle with Holes.
  • Improved elite path node icon in Run History screen
  • Added VFX to Claw card
  • Added VFX to Rip and Tear card
  • Added VFX to Scrape card
  • Added VFX to the Champ’s sword attacks


  • Rearranged RUS credits slightly

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