Weekly Patch 51: Recursion

We have gotten a new update that will improve the performance of Slay the Spire game through balance tweaks, visual flourishes, bug fixes, and support for Dutch.

The team is also working on Steam Trading Cards and Steam Workshop support.

The Beyond’s background is provided with animated items.

Slay The Spire Patch 51: Recursion

Community Fanart

Please take a look at the following great drawings!

Various silly enemies

Various silly enemies of the Spire by @RedDyeNo5

Defect lost

Defect lost in thought by @BlueStorm4WG

The Silent taming

The Silent taming a beast by @noestringfound

Patch Notes

There are many problems related to the current patch of Slay the Spire game. They include:


  • Ascension will not increase if the run is started.
  • Writhing Mass enemy’s attacks will leave less damage.
  • Darkstone Periapt, Dream Catcher, Egg, Girya, Juzu Bracelet, Matryoshka, Maw Bank, Old Coin, Omamori, Peace Pipe, Potion Belt, Prayer Wheel, Preserved Insect, Question Card, Regal Pillow, Shovel, Singing Bowl, Smiling Mask, Courier, Tiny Chest relics will not appear beyond floor 48.

UI and Effects

  • Added Playtester Art toggle in Settings menu of Slay the Spire game
  • Brought beta art to Bane, Charge Battery, Fission, Choke, Corpse Explosion, and Equilibrium
  • Upgraded relic art for Bag of Preparation, Mark of Pain, Orichalcum, Ring of the Serpent, Ring of the Snake, Whetstone
  • Added a max cap of 2 for bg objects
  • Floating background artifacts in the Beyond are animated and colored.
  • Capitalized consistency improvements for messages and run mods in Slay the Spire
  • Capitalized fixes for Magnetism power description
  • Made clear Courier relic description
  • Turning off particle effects will not display the runic items in the Beyond.
  • Foreground elements for the Beyond’s bg are colored.
  • In case a high res beta card portrait is missing, the low res version is shown scaled up in single card view screens.
  • Raised up the distance between bonus label and its amount
  • Minor text cleanup for events in Slay the spire game such as Augmenter, Face Trader, Vampires
  • No longer introduce a relic’s counter when looking at them on a Reward screen
  • Updated Plated Armor power wording when foes save enough power
  • Cleared extra space on flavor description for Eternal Feather
  • Reworded Emotion Chip relic
  • Upon sorting by A-Z, the earliest click is ascending order.
  • Get wording improvements when relics or UI mention the Merchant

Bug Fixes

The team of Slay the Spired worked hard to solve problems that made players annoyed.

  • Accuracy power will behave with Shivs properly.
  • Burn cards will not cause Time Eater’s ability at the end.
  • Fixed crash where checking run history is a run used the outdated Colossus modifier
  • Fixed cases when run history set out wrong rooms
  • Fixed a false Unlock option
  • Fixed Corpse Explosion card’s portrait
  • Fixed trouble where Writhing Mass rival did not alter intent when hitting
  • Fixed Black Star relic which getting back two items of the similar rarity
  • Fixed Jaxxed achievement
  • Fixed stacked Thorns on Spiker opponents
  • Fixed starter cards
  • Fixed Panache Power
  • Fixed Self-Forming Clay relic
  • Fixing the memory leak
  • Medical Kit relic will not make Slimed cards glow
  • Medical Kit will not help players in Slay the Spire game control Slimed when you deplete energy.
  • Muzzle blight was being used twice to Lizard Tail and Fairy Potion.
  • Solved Negative Strength power typo
  • Nloth’s Gift was flashing at inaccurate times
  • Rebound card will not locate Burns on the deck’s top.
  • Reptomancer’s Daggers and Philosopher’s Stone relic will perform rightly.
  • Secret Portal event in Slay the Spire game will not inform Ignored in run history.
  • Spire Shield’s intent was wrong for one of the own moves. Attack -> Attack + Debuff.
  • Launching a Smoke Bomb at the Final Act boss will not make the game crash.
  • Fixed Typo in Augmenter event
  • Wing Boot relics were still appearing beyond specific floors whilst they should not.


  • Compressed some card UI assets


  • Added Dutch language (DUT) + credits
  • Portrait frames can modify the size when the card type name is long.
  • Have updates for EPO, DEU, DUT, EPO, FRA, ITA, POL, RUS, SPA, UKR, ZHS, ZHT

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