Are you ready for the patch of the week brought to you by Slay The Spire? This time, the patch brings you a lot of interesting things, such as Steam Workshop support, bug fixes, as well as several touch-ups here and there. You will also have another chance to explore the community fan art with new fan-art pictures! Check it out now!

Steam Workshop Support in Slay The Spire

With the Steam Workshop support enabled today, it will be easier for the players to use and keep themselves updated with the community-made modes.

Have you ever dreamed of having a lot of relics, cards, and characters? There have been so many players trying to mod the game for a while, but now, with the release of the workshop, they can easily be accessed. Click here for more information.

Take a look at the Workshop page, you can easily subscribe to some modes, and when the game is launched, select the “Play with Mods” options.

Steam Workshop

You become an expert mode user now

If you want to get more information on bug reporting, installation, or even creating mods, you can partake in the modding community at the Official Discord channel[] at #modding. The dev team is looking forward to playing your mods.

Community Fan Art in Slay The Spire

Some wonderful performances to start the year

Community Fan Art in Slay The Spire

The Ironclad by nathanj[]

The Silent by

The Silent by u/khazan0

The Defect by @Nicxan

The Defect by @Nicxan

Patch Notes


  • Addressed the issue when Card Reward screens sometimes didn’t dismiss, creating duplicate card selection issues.

Gameplay and Balance

  • A Note For Yourself event is currently accessible if you are not playing your highest ascension, also, the ascension level is 14 or less than that.
  • Once The Ending achievement has been unlocked, you are able to allow the final act in custom mode for now.
  • Increased the damage of Stone Calendar relic from 40 to 50.
  • The Specialized Daily Mod now enables Alchemize (it was restricted before since the mod Brewmaster used to exist)

UI and Effects

  • Made an improvement to controller navigation of Rest Site options where there are 5 options.
  • Now, recall option pops up in Run History screens when hovering a rest site room mode.
  • Flame VFX that used to turn up when Reptomancer was beaten was wiped out of the game.
  • Smiling Mask relic does not flash anymore if Card Removal Service has been used.
  • The Input Settings menu button now uses a discrepant image.
  • The Standard play menu button now uses a discrepant image.
  • Already made an update for relic asset for Blood Vial.
  • Updated the credits as well as enhanced timing for the Thanks for Playing message.

Bug Fixes

  • Attaching a check for a Cancel button (it will be safer for Modders)
  • Attaching a check for a possible game exit crash rather than going back to the menu.
  • Attaching logic so Beyond elites score increments more proper in case of future/custom Acts.
  • Blight rolling increases relic rng seeds accurately now (consistency on save/load)
  • Solved Run History corruption because of saving/load (again).
  • Addressed card randomization inconsistencies created by the saving/load.
  • Solved events that frequently rerolled when a save is loaded after event-based combat.
  • Some instances in which certain screens could be opened while on that screen, making visual issues, were solved.
  • Solved a problem in which a non-dismissable Mapp could be discharged by navigating menus in a specific order.
  • Solved issue where Blood Potion wouldn’t be able to recover the health of the player if it’s used instantly after the fight.
  • Solved the problem in which City and Beyond Elites destroyed score bonuses did not appear if you won/lost in The Ending.
  • Solved the problem where Entropic Brew didn’t bring players potions if they were being used after the combat.
  • Solved the issue in which opening deck/map/settings and returning would activate canceling out of certain screens (like picking cards for bottles).
  • Already solved a problem in which opening deck/map/settings during Card Removal Service made the card not able to remove unless the shop is accessed once again.
  • Addressed the problem in which potion seeds were not continuous on save/load.
  • Solved issue in which Toy Ornithopter relic would not activate outside of combat.
  • Solved issues in which navigating from the screen -> map/deck -> settings would let go of some screens, like Sealed Deck.
  • Solved issues where monsters dished out the improper damage with Philosopher’s Stone on turn 1.
  • Note For Yourself event will not experience any crashes with modded cards anymore.
  • The top banner will now be covered accurately by Settings during Draft mode when opened.
  • Possible fix for Prismatic Shard returning duplicate cards on infrequent occasions.
  • Stop Run History from corrupting when loading saves in Event rooms.
  • The Specialized Mod will bring you 5 of a random card now and operates with mods Draft and Sealed Deck.
  • Tingsha, Sword Boomerang, Bouncing Flask, Rip and Tear, Thunder Orbs, Havoc, and Juggernaut now use seeded opponent target randomization.


  • Lessened some unneeded saving when coming across bosses.


  • Attaching shop assets for EPO.
  • Made some updates for EPO, DEU, DUT, EPO, FRA, ITA, KOR, SPA, UKR, ZHS, ZHT.


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