Slay The Spire is coming back with the Weekly Patch 55: Blur. The patch of this week presents Rich Presence support, VFX, as well as bug fixes. If you are a true hardcore fan of Slay The Spire, make sure you check this patch out.

Slay The Spire Full Release January 23

To get ready for the full release and ports that will be launched later this year, the dev team of Slay The Spire is working hard to secure the stability of the game. They are working on ports and there will be a date announcement once they get them.


Price Rise

  • It was on January 21, 2019.
  • Many thanks to all of the Early Access testers!

Rich Presence

It’s so easy to check out the game mode, floor, or character that your friends are playing as in the game easily.

Rich Presence

This feature in Steam already received support, and the support will be extended to other platforms as well, like Discord.

Community Fan Art

If you are feeling a little bit of artsy and want to explore something featured, simply ping the dev team at @MegaCrit on Twitter or @Developers at Discord server.[]

Jaw Worm

Jaw Worm by NightmareRoach[]

Ironclad camping out

Ironclad camping out by @BlueStorm4WG


Ironclad being exhausted by u/Dragonclaude

Patch Notes


  • Meal Ticket relic increased. Heals 10 -> 15.
  • Meal Ticket relic will not spawn beyond floor 48 anymore (unless Endless mode).
  • Reaper card is now able to recover the exact amount if the player possesses The Boot relic.
  • Stone Calendar relic increased. Damage 50 -> 52 for flavor.
  • Increased the Bomb card damage from 30 -> 40.

UI and Effects

  • Attaching VFX for the buff move of Heart.
  • Attaching VFX for the debuff move of Heart.
  • Attaching VFX for Hemokinesis card.
  • Attaching VFX for Reaper card.
  • Players can now easily view Draw, Discard, and Exhaust piles during Codex/Discovery card selection.
  • Improved the counter on Stone Calendar to make it clearer when it will activate.

Bug Fixes

  • Solved a problem that caused a crash because of facing too many elites (due to modifiers/Endless).
  • Solved a problem in which restocked cards via Courier were difficult to choose using the controller.
  • Solved a problem that let you cancel choosing a card to the bottle by being in contact with the top menu.
  • Solved evoked Orbs that had an effect on the card reward outcome (affects seeded runs).
  • When Transient receives 0 damage, shifting power will not activate anymore.


Made several updates for DEU, DUT, EPO, ITA, JPN, RUS, SPA, ZHS, ZHT.

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