Slay The Spire Patch 56: The Collector

The Roguelike Card game Slay The Spire is regarded as one of the best single player deckbuilder titles. It is an exciting playfield where you can craft their own decks, fight against monsters, search for relics of immense power, and kill the Spire. Try to become the top builder as soon as possible to dominate that world!

Since the launch date of the first Slay The Spire update, the gaming experience got improved and brought back memorable moments for all. However, the development team also received other requests to upgrade bugs. From shortcomings and users’ feedback, the developer determined to work hard and refine their game much more.

The full release of Slay The Spire iOS is available and they decided on completing Steam Trading Cards so as to carry out a few last balance changes and make sure that Slay The Spire game run properly as they expected.


Although there is only one bug finished, it plays an important role in Slay The Spire ps4 game.

  • Fixed a crash operating on startup that appeared due to an old Settings file could not running correctly

Price Increase

The price of Slay The Spire Android game was increased temporarily before it was kicked off.

Incomplete Languages

Slay the Spire is translated by people in the community. Sadly, not all languages will be rendered or they can be outdated gradually.

Here is the list of languages unavailable in Slay The Spire game!

  • Greek
  • Norwegian
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Serbian (Cyrillic)
  • Serbian (Latin)

You can contribute by accessing Discord server.[] if you do not join Slay The Spire in English.

Community Fan Art

It’s really interesting to visit and take part in Slay The Spire game! Besides, you can have a look over the following pictures which are from the artwork community on Steam.

Community Fan Art

The Defect by @Mezlocillin

Wholesome Gremlins

Wholesome Gremlins! by u/Sofreen

Sleepy Silent

Sleepy Silent by u/bakuhakudrawsthings

Patch Notes

It is an essential section in every Slay The Spire update. There are 4 items that you should explore.


It’s simple to find improvements here.

  • Book of Stabbing opponent’s multi-stab onslaught strikes 1 less time on Ascension 18
  • Colosseum event’s second match is a Gremlin Nob + Taskmaster
  • Gambling Chip relic will perform after drawing a card like Ring of Serpent.
  • Spire Growth’s constrict power will be reduced to 12 on Ascension 18.
  • Writhing Mass’ powerful hit damage is lowered 34 -> 32. 40 -> 38 (Ascension 2).

UI and Effects

They are two vital pieces in Slay The Spire game.

  • Added a VFX for cards if they are withdrawn from the deck
  • A Thousand Cuts will start faster.
  • Added the controller support for both of the death and victory screens so you can supervise your score bonus
  • (Controllers) Button produced for Singing Bowl’s +2
  • Max HP switch is reset to avoid messing up the text.
  • Cards in Slay The Spire ps4 game will become unclear a little if they are replaced.
  • Draw and Discard piles in Slay The Spire can be seen during hand card select screen when they are touched.
  • Map Legend cannot shift upon scrolling.
  • Map Legend is located higher.
  • Piercing Wail card of the game is quicker.
  • The Rest option is turned off when you cannot relax (Coffee Dripper relic).
  • The Smith option will not begin and even disappear afterward if you pick out the Midas mod or Fusion Hammer relic.
  • Upgraded the properties for the Wheel of Change event

Bug Fixes

It is one of the last chapters of Patch Notes for Slay The Spire game.

  • Fixed the problem that card rewards via Prismatic Shard would include duplicates
  • Fixed the bug that happened to Note For Yourself event and modified cards
  • Fixed some specific game modes that could be invalid after activating profiles until being started again
  • Fixed the map which opened within death fadeouts rolled out the next run with a vacant playground on the screen


It is the final entry in your Slay The Spire update.

  • Added Epo, Deu, Dut, Ind, Pol

Thanks for your reading!

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