Slay the Spire 1.0: Farewell Early Access

Slay the Spire has quit the fun Early Acess now. It’s available to watch the new trailer here!

Weekly Updates

With the complete release of Slay the Spire game, the developer determines to take a break from patches published every week. Aside from that, they also spend their time to re-concentrate on efforts as well as to arrange their works on other platforms. Stay tuned! Slay the Spire will be active soon.

Future Content

Access Slay the Spire switch game you will have the chance to experience more exciting contents. Actually, they are arriving! Not only that, there are some more PC-specific features that they were not able to apply them in. However, they will contribute to the update later. Furthermore, more “contents” will be coming. Fortunately, there are no spoilers today.

Changes since Early Access

Slay the Spire was launched into Early Access on Nov 14, 2017. And, we have a list of highlights frequently. They consist of:

  • A Third Character
  • The Final Act
  • Ascensions
  • Daily Climb
  • Custom Mode
  • Seeded Runs
  • Beta Card Portraits
  • Twitch Voting Integration
  • Upgradeable Colorless Cards
  • Fast Mode
  • Save Slots
  • Boss Map Icons
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Steam Workshop Support
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Run History
  • Card Library Tabs
  • Rich Presence Support
  • Controller Support
  • 32-bit Builds
  • Official Soundtrack

Here is the image of the Red-Masked Bandits!

Red-Masked Bandits

Content in Early Access

There were numerous changes happened to Slay the Spire mobile game. Everything carried out in order to make sure that each run could create a fair chance. Additionally, cards would contain their own goal and it was easy to find the appropriate amount of diversity before coming to a solution in the mind. The developer collected over 17,000 suggestions along with bugs and ideas during development.

  • 0 -> 15 Additional Languages (translated by people in the community!)
  • 189 -> 283 Cards
  • 109 -> 161 Relics
  • 40 -> 52 Events
  • 10 -> 28 Potions
  • 54 -> 64 Enemies
  • More than 1,300 issues fixed
  • Over 500 Slay the Spire gameplay balance bugs and tweaks finished
  • 500+ UI or VFX built, changed, or improved
  • 50+ SFX added or altered

A Big Thank You

The adventure the Slay the Spire game completed within the Early Access stage made the developer team satisfied and they’d like to thank everybody who supported them in bringing their game to the place where it belongs to.

Slay the Spire mac game has been evolved slightly for 3 years. The initial 2 years through a very small and personal internal test group and published on Steam in the last year. The continuous assistance in the individual and public testing sources encouraged them to work harder. They wished that anybody who engaged in Slay the Spire game before and after the release could check out their efforts and the journey that other contributors concentrated to the game. Besides, they also apologized if anyone was missed.

Here is the first prototype footage from August 25, 2015.

A Big Thank You

Community Fan Art’

Depending on the following pictures, Slay the Spire game really gets more colorful and exciting.

Ironclad Portrait by @MoronisMcDude

Ironclad Portrait

Doom and Gloom by u/Ziggymcfly

Ironclad Portrait

The Defect by @nicxanbrooks

Ironclad Portrait

The Chosen by u/Cweeperz

The Chosen


There is always something destroyed in Slay the Spire on release.

Fixed a bug that Run History Screen’s rooms could not record correctly

Patch Notes

Come to Slay the Spire steam game and uncover upgrades for items below.


  • Switched Colossuem Nob fight ordering so the Nob can deploy Vulnerable without difficulty

UI and Effects

  • Discarded both of the Early Access and Beta popups from Slay the Spire game
  • Get EARLY_ACCESS -> V1.0 (Version 1.0) for version number string
  • Boosted scroll bounds by 150px in stats screen for the bottom
  • Main Menu objects will become visible for 0.25s quicker (decreasing waiting time)
  • The post-credits Neow cutscene in Slay the Spire game can be accelerated when you press 5 times during that process.

Bug Fixes

It is the longest section in the present Slay the Spire update. However, it is brief.

  • Fixed a rare crash which could occur under secret situations in the relic view screen
  • Added the safety logic to block the hand size from increasing > 10 in uncommon circumstances
  • Fixed the problem that the Prismatic Shard could get back to cards which were locked
  • Fixed the bug of upon launching your match in which the next level’s content in Slay the Spire ps4 was ready for every warrior
  • Fixed another important crash which happened on startup caused by amended save files
  • Fixed releasing controllers on death and victory screens
  • It’s faster to gaining keys so you can do that easily if you leave rapidly
  • Stopped an infrequent act transition crash which might be related to the old saves


It is the final part of Slay the Spire 1.0: Farewell Early Access.

  • Updated for POL, PTB, SPA

Thanks for reading!

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