Weekly Patch 52: Release Date & Price Increase

The current update will offer further visual polish and many positive changes to controller support in Slay the Spire game. Meanwhile, the team will work to complete Steam Trading Cards and Workshop maintenance.

Release Date

Slay The Spire game will stop Early Access stage on January 23, 2019.

More information about the future of Slay The Spire and Mega Crit Games on release will be revealed in the next time.

Price Increase

To the coming full release, there will be a price increase in a short period after the forthcoming Winter Sale. If you have determined to buy or gift, you can pick the present moment to do so.

Community Fan Art

We have a few outstanding images related to Slay the Spire characters, which are made by players.

Community Fan Art

The Defect by @MoronisMcDude

These excellent monster

Admirable monster drawings by @RedDyeNo5

The Silent facing off against The Guardian

The Silent facing off against The Guardian by Marce Ricardo

Patch Notes


  • Maw Bank relic will not spawn at Shops anymore.
  • Enchiridion relic can run earlier. Therefore, its cards will be out first over other ones.

UI and Effects

  • The existing Slay the Spire update bring back plenty of improvements to your game. They revolve around the relic asset for items: Ancient Tea Set, Pandora’s Box, Red Skull, Regal Pillow, Strange Spoon, Sundial, The Specimen, Toolbox, Tough Bandages.
  • Aside from that, there are some additions to the Slay the Spire game: VFX for Clash card and for Feed card.
  • Pressing the Esc button can cancel out of a number of screens again.
  • The position of the Twitch integration icon has been changed to where does not overlap the Timer.
  • Added the support for LS, RB button assets when remapping controller inputs
  • Provided the assist for Right Stick up down left right assets in the similar case
  • Inputs which own the crossover between keyboard/controller can be remapped with no crash.

Play Slay the Spire game you can experience many troubles. Don’t worry! Here is the solution.

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate cards cannot pop up on the reward screen with Prismatic Shard.
  • Crashes while reassigning hotkeys will disappear
  • Fixed the problem in which throwing the Smoke Bomb into rooms did not work
  • Fixed the bug that made Frail and Dexterity interact differently
  • Shovel, Girya, and Peace Pipe will spawn correctly.
  • Turning on or off Beta can carry out in the right place.
  • Fixed a bug that Beta Art toggle was active for Slay the Spire cards which did not access Beta Art
  • Solved the issue that cards from Unceasing Top were offset on the far left when operating a controller
  • Removed the bug where the highlighted room in the map screen became different when you scrolled up with the controller
  • Cleared the bug that moving up or down on the dungeon map using controller can kick your cursor out of the game window
  • Fixed the issue that Pandora’s Box relic in Slay the Spire game would not evolve cards to Rare
  • Eliminated the bug that Save & Quit via controller ended the turn when you were fighting
  • If you save and quit, remember to instantly keep utilizing a controller so as to prevent the audio from getting troubles.

Finally, there is a necessary part in Slay the Spire download game that you can explore.


  • Updates for DUT, FRA, IND, JPN, KOR

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