Weekly Patch 53: Blizzard

Happy holidays!

There are many bug fixes and visual improvements in the new update for Slay the Spire game while everything becomes slower due to winter festivities and other gatherings. Although Steam Workshop support is almost ready, the team determined to take some days off for the holidays. The next patch will be available on January 3, 2019.

Note that there will be a price increase shortly after the present Winter Sale which was detailed in the last week’s patch.


Community Fan Art

It is an exciting part of players in Slay the Spire game.

Praise Snecko

Praise Snecko by @Albino_bat


Ironclad by /u/khazan0

A Sandy Stormfield

A Sandy Stormfield Defect by @Koda_Ellipsis

Patch Notes

It is a crucial section in our favorite Slay the Spire game.

UI and Effects

  • Improved the relic assets for Bird-Faced Urn & Eternal Feather
  • Provided a VFX for Entangle by Red Slaver (NON-Fast Mode only)
  • Also, gave a VFX for Sweeping Beam card
  • Busted Crown relic will be able to flash if the effect is turned on.
  • Hover over an icon in the Map Legend when you’d like to point out all rooms of that kind on the playfield
  • Built in-game tips will appear from the bottom.

Bug Fixes

It is the longest chapter in the patch for Slay The Spire download game. But, it is essential. It lets you have solutions for:

  • Ascension 20 achievement that did not open when you died on Act 4 on A20
  • Beat of Death Power will cause damage to your player after a card’s actions fully solve.
  • Interacting with two cards rapidly if selecting one to cancel will not do that incorrectly.
  • The crash if looking Deck, Map, or Settings after collecting Pandora’s Box at Neow
  • Egg relics that made an issue with Slay the Spire cards in the Library event screen
  • The bug which a pre-combat action could not sometimes work when keeping a run
  • The problem when the evoked Dark Orbs did not change targets if the earliest died while multi-casting
  • The black map bug if hitting the Esc button in some specific cases
  • The Invincible Power tooltip will match the icon properly. It comes with the right amount.
  • Opening map/deck/setting on certain screens in Slay the Spire game will not lose an upgrade, boss relic, or blessing.
  • The bug that Spire Spear was not buffed correctly on Ascension 17 instead of 18
  • Timer will not stop at the end of Act 3 when you complete requirements to reach Act 4.
  • It is not possible to have Toke bottled cards.


There are some upgrades that our Slay the Spire update wants to offer:

  • Updates for DEU, EPO, ITA, SPA, and ZHT
  • Updates for DUT and credits updates for DUT

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