Slay The Spire character mods are so diverse, and with the new mod called The Poker Player, players can join it with exclusive gameplay for a better experience. The Poker Player can be regarded as one of the best Slay The Spire characters that players should not skip. Let’s take a deeper look into this character mod now!

New Slay The Spire Character Mod: The Poker Player

Poker Player – New Slay The Spire character mod

Poker Player Slay The Spire is a full character mod that has up to 87 new cards, 13 relics, and 1 unique event. The Poker Player mod supports some languages, such as ENG, KOR, and ZHS (by Rita-Bernstein). Then who should join Poker Player mode?

  • Players that already had enough experience with StS and now they want to have a completely different experience.
  • Players that want to enjoy Poker in StS
  • Players that don’t want to experience Poker, but utilize them in a discrepant manner.
  • Players who want to experience the making of an ambitious deck.

Poker Cards – the main gameplay mechanics in Poker Player mod

  • You can place 40 Poker cards into your deck. “Poker” is a new type of card that has Suit and Rank.
    • Suit: Diamond, Spade, Club, Heart
    • Rank: from 1 to 10
  • 1 card will be drawn when you play a Poker card.
  • When your turn ends, you will input a phase like this “Showdown”, where you receive the effects from the Poker cards in your hand.
  • The effects getting weaker or stronger are totally based on the Poker Hand you score (if more than 5 Poker cards are in hand, you will have to drop down to 5 cards)

Balance and Banned contents in Poker Player

  • Due to the way that Poker Cards are performed, some relics/cards are not approachable if you take on the role of the Poker Player because you are too overpowered or confusing.
    • The Relics include Snecko Eye, Centennial Puzzle, Runic Pyramid, Bag of Preparation, Pocketwatch, Gremlin Horn, Pandora’s Box, Unceasing Top, Dead Branch
    • The Cards include Deep Breath, Impatience, Master of Strategy, Mayhem, Magnetism, Violence
    • Potion: Swift Potion
  • With 2 Events called Vampires and Ancient Writings, they have discrepant selections for the Poker Player.
  • Now you can switch off the banning contents in the mod configuration (Main menu -> Mods -> The Poker Player -> Config)
  • In case you play with other content mods, some of them will probably be out of balanced to play with the Poker Player.

Thing you should do when in Poker Player mode

You are highly recommended to enable “Display summed up damage in gold” in the settings.

Check out other Slay The Spire character mods if you want

Besides Poker Player, Slay The Spire character mods bring you more other play styles. If you want to play as a character with a more traditional style, you can give a shot to Gatherer, or search for anything with the Character tag from Slay The Spire workshop.

Special Thanks To

Special and big thanks to Hsymbol for making a game called “Trump Battle”, which is the inspiration of this mod.

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