With Slay The Spire Colored Powertips mod, players can easily see stuff in colors on their screens. There are already many Slay The Spire mods about characters and gameplay, but with this one, you will have a new experience too. You will also know why this mod is necessary. Let’s check it out!

Slay The Spire: Colored Powertips Mod

About Slay The Spire Colored Powertips mod

With this Slay The Spore mode, the powetips seen when you hover over a player or an enemy will be colored. The way that the mod colors them will be like this:

  • Green = Buff
  • Red = Debuff

Why is this mod necessary for players in Slay The Spire online?

Definitely, some players will wonder why this mod becomes crucial for them to use. It’s very simple to think this way: when the mods come into play, you will find it very difficult to distinguish between the two. In addition to this, it will help you get the information that you want more quickly and easily.

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