Slay The Spire game has been launched for a while and it has drawn the attention of many gamers from across the world. Slay The Spire PC version is now already updated featuring new optimizations, bug fixes, and better contents to make the gameplay much better. If you are a loyal fan of Slay The Spire free, make sure you will not miss this Slay The Spire Changelog to know more about what’s been changed in the game.

New things in the works of Slay The Spire free download

  • You can now access all the ports to play Slay The Spire free game
  • More translations were added to the game
  • A free DLC that stores a 4th character and extra content.

Awesome merchandise

Awesome merchandise

The Slay The Spire development team worked together with Fangammer, and now they introduce a wonderful Slay The Spire shirt designed by Nina Matsumoto. You can click here to get one!

Touchscreen Compatibility

Touchscreen compatibility is also an important feature that has been strongly upgraded in this Slay The Spire Patch 4.1. The development team had put a lot of work into making sure that players using touchscreen computers will be able to enjoy Slay The Spire game smoothly and fully.

Several screens now content two-step conformations that allow players to review the options before picking a card/boss relic/shop item. If you want to activate this, just simply toggle the Touchscreen Mode option that you will see at the bottom of the Input Settings screen.

Beautiful fan art from Slay The Spire community

Ever since the release of Slay The Spire game online, there has been a huge amount of fan art sent by the community. The dev team is so happy to receive those beautiful works of art! Let’s take a look at them right now:

The Silent by Fausuto

The Silent by Fausuto

Demon Form and Wraith Form by selemina

Demon Form and Wraith Form by selemina

r... rain? by bluehightoptrainers

r… rain? by bluehightoptrainers.

Chibi Silent by LuriaHirai

Chibi Silent by LuriaHirai

This brilliant portrait of The Champ by @fraudulentyoshi

This brilliant portrait of The Champ by @fraudulentyoshi

The Silent Fire by Densetsu VII

The Silent Fire by Densetsu VII

An integration of the Act 1 Bosses: Hexaslimedian! by /u/Dragonclaude

An integration of the Act 1 Bosses: Hexaslimedian! by /u/Dragonclaude

This gritty presentation of the Silent

This gritty presentation of the Silent by @TheHalret

Gremlin Leader by /u/pulfian

Gremlin Leader by /u/pulfian

This adorable Silent

This adorable Silent by @ewilio

Slay The Spire Modding

Although the development team has done their best to make backwards compatibility as steady as possible, lots of performance and UX upgrades added to the game will still have a chance to destroy some mods.

For this launch, the team has worked together with the modding community and the developers were so grateful for sharing their understandings in making Slay The Spire game more modder friendly with no bugs and making sure that the community will always stay up to date to the forthcoming changes

The Slay The Spire modders are BDWSSBB, Blank The Evil, brianfubar, Evil Pickle, and kiooeht. Thank you so much for your works! You have done lots of fixes, optimizations, moddability improvements as well as nice features such as the sort bar in the deck view screen. For those who want to know more about modding and want to enter the modding themselves, you can visit the Slay The Spire Discord’s #modding channel [link]

Slay The Spire archived editions

Slay The Spire Version 1.0 (released on January 23, 2019) will be now stored in the Steam branch: You can find V1.0 in the BETAS tab for Slay The Spire game (just like how you would enter the beta branch)

Slay The Spire Patch Notes 4.1

Hotfix (07/05/2019)

  • Now, while the potion popup is open, the tip of the potion is also shown.
  • JPN changed back to former JPB translation.
  • GRE, ITA, and SPA were all updated.
  • TUR credits were updated too.

Hotfix (07/17/2019)

  • Exit game button now modifies the button asset if the button is reassigned.
  • Fixed the bugs in which Save Slot 0 was not reloaded once a different Save Slot was deleted.
  • Solved and mended the non-Steam builds that display 0 damage at the heart all the time.
  • Fixed the bug in which playtimes and character data were copied and moved to a brand new save slot.
  • Mended some run save files that weren’t cleared when the slots were deleted, letting the runs from deleted profiles carry on.
  • The unessential dispose calls on monster assets were already fixed.
  • You must double tap to fix the touchscreens.
  • Your display configuration resolution will be reset if the width or height is much lower than the minimum allowed
  • These languages, such as DEU, DUT, EPO, GRE, ITA, JPN, KOR, POL, UKR, RUS, SPA, THA ZHS, ZHT, were all updated.
  • EPO credits were also updated.

New Content in Slay The Spire

  • Eternal One achievement was already added to Slay The Spire game. You can unlock it when you already unlock all other achievements.


  • Made a buff to the berserk card. Decreased self vulnerable from 3 to 2.
  • Made a buff to Blood Potion to heal from 10% to 25%.
  • Bottled Flame will not show up anymore if all of your Attacks are the starter cards.
  • Bottled Lightning will not show up anymore if all of your Skills are the starter cards.
  • Heel Hook and Card buffed increase damage from 7 to 8.
  • Made a buff to Bullseye card. Lock-on 1->2
  • Colosseum event will now show up only at the top half of Act 2.
  • You will not enter The Cleric or Beggar events anymore if your gold is not enough.

UI and Effects

Lots of quality of life changes were made to better Slay The Spire gameplay, including a bigger potions menu, a long-press End Turn option, sorting options for your deck, upgraded rendering for tips, as well as adding a condensed top panel to the game.

  • Patch Notes screen makes a comeback
  • You are now able to activate Touchscreen Mode in the Input Settings at the bottom.
  • End Turn button is now able to use the long-press conformations for the controllers and keyboard. You can toggle it in the Game Settings.
  • The trackpad support was finally upgraded for the laptops.
  • The size of the Potion menu is now much bigger than before. You will find it much easier to click on for the mouse or touchscreen.
  • The floor number indicator of the top panel is now displayed as an icon + number.
  • When hovering over the top panel gold icon, health icon, potion slots, and modifiers, you will see that they are already enlarged.
  • Made an update to the space of the top panel elements.
  • A right stick button asset is now added when the volume siders are highlighted through a controller.
  • The ascension description tips in Slay The Spire game are numbered in English from now on.
  • You will see that the ascension level is displayed as an icon + number in the top panel.
  • When you view a grid of cards, you will see that the black screen becomes much darker (50 -> 70% opacity).
  • The boss node on the map now contains a hover reticle when you use the controller.
  • You will find that the campfire sleep VFX somewhat darker now.
  • Cards that have glowing effects now contain a border that shows up immediately with the VFX.
  • The tick asset utilized on many checkboxes and dropdowns was all cleaned up.
  • The items of the combat reward screen now have a reticle when highlighted or hovered.
  • The completion percentages in the save slot view of Slay The Spire game will not display tenths place if 0% or 100% from now on.
  • The confirm buttons will now put the controller prompt icon in a dynamical way, which stops the text overlap.
  • You are now able to use the controller to scroll up or scroll down the credits screen.
  • The modifiers of the Custom Mode screen are more clearly hovered or highlighted from now.
  • A glow-version asset is given to the Defect at Rest Site like Ironclad/Silent.
  • If you deactivate the particle effects, you will also deactivate the particles that show up when you use buffs or debuffs.
  • Some grammar and typos in Potion popup text were already fixed.
  • The hitboxes of the game and Input Settings tabs become much larger now.
  • Game Saved VFX will now turn up below the top panel if you enable at least 3 game modifiers.
  • Grand Finale card is much 0.3s faster than in Fast Mode now.
  • Made a resize to the highlight box so the text will not be blocked anymore when the view upgrade option in Card Library is highlighted.
  • The highlighted cards in RunHistoryScreen become clearer now when you use controllers.
  • The letterboxing for aspect ratios that are not supported will not have a 1px gap anymore.
  • There was a 15% reduction in the line spacing in Menu Panel headers.
  • The action of Lose HP becomes much faster in Fast Mode now.
  • No Run History found text is now placed at the center and the line spacing has been upgraded.
  • It will be much faster now to offer card in Fast Mode.
  • The options in the Custom Mode screen are more clearly highlighted now.
  • The description of plated Armor power becomes more correct now.
  • Since the ‘Build:’ text on version number is unessential, it has been removed already.
  • Rich Presence now stores Ascension level (unless 0).
  • The cards will be now arranged by rarity and alphabetically by the seek card.
  • The starting Strikes of the Silent are now placed prior to Defends (in order to be compatible with other characters)
  • The highlight UI of the sort button when you use the controllers are dynamically sized from now based on the length of the text.
  • Static Discharge card now makes clear that it activates when you get unblocked attack damage.
  • The alignment of the Text in Game Preferences settings becomes much better with checkboxes.
  • The tips for the boss relics become much more balanced so they will not cover a relic anymore when the player hovers or highlights using the controller.
  • Tips for the potions now turn up when you hover in Reward screens and Shops.
  • Vampires and Council of Ghosts events in Slay The Spire now display the amount of Max HP that is lost instead of showing %.
  • The well-laid Plans card plays faster now in Slay The Spire new update.
  • When you hover over different tips in the Game Settings, you will see that they are now displayed on the left side rather than at the cursor position.
  • When you preview the card for the upgrade using controller, the upgrade result is hovered, and your view is not obscure anymore.
  • You are able to categorize your deck by achieved order, alphabetical, rarity, and cost when you view it.
  • With controllers, the end turn in Slay The Spire game will now stop all the cards from being hovered, therefore, cards don’t cover enemies.


Slay The Spire development team has put a lot of work into upgrading the boot time, rendering performance, finding and mending memory leaks that caused the game to crash when players played it for extra periods of time.

  • Card UI elements now use a texture atlas (less VRAM is used and the performance is upgraded).
  • Many images were compressed.
  • The memory leaks in terms of monsters, events, UI and other objects were mended.
  • Flame Particles and Lightning Orb VFX assets are all pre-loaded.
  • Front generators are stored better now, which enhances the load time and decreases memory usage.
  • Hexaghost and Lagavulin opponents now pre-store music, therefore, no lag happens when the music begins mid-combat
  • The render performance of some UI, VFX, and Fonts was upgraded.
  • 3 same fonts were combined, which decreases memory usage and enhances load-up time.
  • Dual initialization of some assets was wiped out.
  • Lots of unused assets were wiped out.
  • Pre-cache a lot of VFX assets, which stops stutter when some cards or moves happen.

Code Cleanup

Most of this makes elements much better, such as moddability, extensibility, future-proofing many functions with objects in Slay The Spire game.

  • Confusion and Corruption cards use upgraded hooks.
  • Made lifesteal logic for Reaper and Shelled Parasite much better.
  • The Hologram card was refactored so it will not have to confirm the number of cards in the card itself.
  • Specimen relic will now utilize the identical code to other relics for using its effect.
  • Many different cards, relics, and opponents were unhardcoded.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue about card and relics that unlocked much earlier than they are supposed to.
  • In Slay The Spire game, all-out attack, madness, and reboot cards will not have an influence on card rewards when used anymore.
  • Astrolabe relic will now also function even if you have 3 cards or less in your deck.
  • The back button is not shown up anymore. It will be now concealed in Save Slots screen if you delete all saves.
  • Obscure The Evil’s bug fix for Card Reward screen non-skip issue.
  • For the bottled cards enhanced from Mind Bloom event, their descriptions have been updated accurately.
  • You are unable to accidentally open the rename screen using the controller when you move through Settings anymore.
  • Changed input settings now accurately maintained when the save slots are being changed.
  • Darkstone Periapt relic will now function with Hoarder mod.
  • Empty Cage relic will now function with 1 or less valid cards in your deck
  • The Envenom’s Poison in Slay The Spire is now used instantly after the occurrence of the damage.
  • Made a fix to the Cost X cards that use additional energy when players play Slay The Spire game
  • Made a fix to the crash when you press right using the controller when you view 5 cads in grid card select screen.
  • Made a fix for the Map and View Deck top panel buttons that neglect card and rewards occasionally.
  • Made a fix for the part of the map UP remaining on the screen after you hit Return in some cases.
  • Made a fix for thank-you message in credits that shows ahead of time.
  • Made a fix for the Automaton’s orbs that stopped scaling of Genetic Algorithm and Ritual Dagger.
  • Fixed an issue where Bag of Preparation did not draw cards influenced by Confusion power.
  • Fixed an issue in which some set of actions could deactivate tops for a card for the rest of the fight.
  • Fixed an issue in which a save slot once deleted would produce dummy files in a ghost slot.
  • Fixed an issue in which dialog bubbles made a fast movement if higher resolution.
  • Fixed an issue in which players could view Exhaust Pile using the controller even if it’s blank.
  • Fixed an issue in which the screenshake and SFX were played when players direct to locked character select option through the controller.
  • Made a fix for the card tips that were still on the screen when you died.
  • Made a fix for certain Status and Curses activating their end of turn effects by playing them usually with Medical Kit or Blue Candle in some special situations.
  • Made a fix for the crash when you try to hover view upgrade in Card Library by using the controller.
  • Made a fix for the crash when mods in the top panel are highlighted using the controller.
  • In Slay The Spire, another crash happens when you navigate left on the controller when colorless cards are out of stock, and this crash issue was finally fixed.
  • Also made a fix for the crash happening when you open the deck view if you have no cards.
  • Made a fix for the crash happening when you press down on controller on the third option at Rest Site if having 4 options.
  • Already mended a crash happening when you press right on the controller in Run History with zero runs.
  • Made a fix for damage and block values that display green increased values when the end value was similar.
  • Made a fix for the opponents that did not use powers if they died in the process.
  • Made a fix for the enemy order issues in several confrontations, such as Slime Boss, Gremlin Leader, and Reptomancer.
  • Made a fix for Enlightenment + not decreasing costs of cards with 1 or 0 costs for the turn.
  • Made a fix for some bugs with moving around relic compendium screen with a controller for Event relics.
  • Made a fix for the exploit of playing Normality while you already have played more than 3 cards.
  • Made a fix for Fission and evoking Orbs in reverse order.
  • Made a fix for non-Steam platforms that display 0 total damage dished out on the victory screen.
  • Made a fix for the incapability to survey relics when Shopscreen is open through the controller.
  • Made a fix for inaccurate scaling on draw and discard piles causing them to be very big on high resolution
  • Made a fix for the Invincible power with some interactions like The Boot and Block in Slay The Spire online.
  • Made a fix for the problem about ending turn with Retain while hovering the player having a chance to make the leftmost card perform weirdly through the controller.
  • Made a fix for the issue if the cards are lined up and turn are ended after an enemy meets his end, Nilry’s Codex is able to open and cause problems.
  • Made a fix for the problem where the player can open the map during room transitions, canceling certain functionality.
  • Made a fix for the issue where transferring cursor to the bottom of the window would make the cards in hands bounce unlimitedly.
  • Made a fix for the problem where Rest Site option text was not positioned accurately.
  • Already mended a problem where tips did not show up accurately in a single relic popup view.
  • Fixed the problem in which up/down on controller in potion drink/discard directed to monsters/cards throughout the fight as well.
  • Made a fix for the problem where you shortly spot the map when you commence a run because of its default transparency.
  • Made a fix for lingering campfire rounds from rest sites.
  • Made a fix for Machine Learning card that has an impact on hand size when negated.
  • Made a fix for Meal Ticket that did not function on Shops from ? rooms.
  • Made a fix for Nemesis that obtains Intangible too early and screws up damage from Thorns.
  • Made a fix for Normality card that does not prevent cards influenced by Setup and Forethought.
  • Made a fix for Regret making less HP loss than common if other cards played themselves first.
  • Made a fix for Retomancer that did not activate some crucial logic after death.
  • Made a fix for Rip and Tear, Sword Boomerang, and Thunder Strike that carry on its attacks over Thorns and Shifting powers.
  • Made a fix for Second Wind that does its effects in reverse and only achieves one instance of the block.
  • Made a fix for slash attack VFX utilized by several opponents being the inaccurate size in high resolutions.
  • There was an issue in Spit Web move’s VFX of Slay The Spire that turned up from the wrong place in high resolutions and this issue was fixed.
  • Made a fix for the opening of Input Settings enabling skipping of unskippable screens and possibly moving to an unplayable state.
  • Made a fix for the seedSet flag that did not reset, stopping Achievements from unlocking in the next runs before Slay The Spire game is reloaded.
  • Made a fix for Wrist Blade that did not impact on Sword Boomerang, Rip and Tear, and Thunder Strike.
  • Made the game and Input Settings panels higher so the input rows can still be within the panel.
  • Made an improvement to the precision of volume sliders with a controller so players can form the values accurately back to 50%.
  • You will not receive a potion from Knowing Skull event anymore if you possess the Sozu relic.
  • Now you will see the options selected in leaderboard filters labels when the screen is open.
  • Duplicate cards cannot be stored in the library event anymore.
  • Now, when Neow’s Lament relic is used up, it will gray out.
  • You are unable to interact with Slay The Spire map anymore with a controller while opening a single card view screen.
  • Slay The Spire relic collection menu does not scroll erratically anymore in several cases through the controller.
  • The note about Leaderboards that is reset weekly has been wiped out because Early Access already ends.
  • Reptomancer does not produce daggers with more HP than intended anymore.
  • All controller mappings will be now reset by Reset To Defaults options in Option Menu appropriately.
  • You are now able to navigate Run History screen’s cards and floor nodes much easier using controllers.
  • Shop and Boss BGM now accurately mutes when Slay The Spire game is minimized with the Mute While in BG option on.
  • Slider in the Character Stats menu does not get stuck anymore before getting to the bottom using the controller.
  • Torch particles in Exordium will now grow at a similar speed on all resolutions.
  • Twitch plugin will now function if the language is not English and the system encoding is not set to UTF-8.
  • For many card selections effects that don’t upgrade RNG, they are all now seeded.
  • When you open a dropdown menu in RunHistory screen, the controller up/down does not impact selection outside the dropdown menu anymore.
  • WobblyLine VFX that was utilized in Snecko’s glare is much bigger now and it scales accurately with resolution.


  • Added Thai and Turkish languages to Slay The Spire free Many thanks to the community translators!
  • Improved new languages with localization.
  • Since Portuguese Brazilian was out of date, it is no longer available in the main branch.
  • JPN translation was fixed up by Kakehashi Games.
  • Now, translated Merchant Shop images are seen in JPN and THA.
  • Made an update to THA fonts.
  • Some credits for JPN, POL, THA, and TUR were updated.
  • The logic was added to disallow periods to make line breaks in Asian languages.
  • Rewrote the way that Asian languages are displayed, mending some formatting problems.
  • Asian languages now use lineSpacing variable in renderSmartText.
  • Asian languages don’t have A to Z sorting filers in Card Library screen anymore.
  • The card descriptions are rendered by JPN from left to right.
  • Rest Site options’ rest option info text now utilizes localized period character.
  • Run History, as well as Daily screens, now utilize YEAR/MONTH/DAY by default for dates excluding in English.
  • Run History date format in JPN applies localized AM/PM.

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