Slay The Spire 4th character is going to be released in Slay The Spire game and players can get access to this new character for free. This fourth character released was officially announced by the developers MegaCrit Games. They have whispered before about the likelihood of adding more dungeoneers to the game. The confirmation was made today, together with the release of the initial update ever since their interesting deck-building dungeon-crawler got out of the Early Access state in January.

Slay The Spire: The Fourth Character

An obscure Slay The Spire hint is dropped by MegaCrit

Seemingly, MegaCrit also releases a mysterious hint about Spireslayer #4 in a similar way to the Defect – the previous Slay The Spire character. They normally attach a diddy graphic in the post, making players very curious about what it is for. With the Defect, one of its orbs was displayed, but with this Slay The Spire new character, could it be a power crystal, a soul gem, or other things?

An Obscure Slay The Spire

Slay The Spire new character is coming out

Another Spiresplayer is making its debut, and this is not a surprise. In the previous tweet of MegaCrit about the upcoming plans after the 1.0 launch in January, they said “New characters are one thing you can count on,” You can notice the way they said characters – plural, and it will be a big surprise to learn that it will be free for all. So, let’s wait for it!

Another thing shared by MegaCrit

According to MegaCrit, they said that they were researching on “additional content” as free DLC for Slay The Spire game. You can check out the Slay The Spire v1.1 patch notes for more awesome updates and new contents. In these patch notes, you will explore some bug fixes, balance modifications, new improvements and more:

  • If your Attacks are starter cards, you will not see Bottled Flame anymore.
  • If your Attacks are starter cards, you will not see Bottled Lightning anymore.
  • If the amount of gold you have is not enough, you will not be able to enter The Cleric or Beggar events anymore.

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