The Senshi is an amazing character in Slay The Spire game that is completely based on the famous anime. You know that Slay The Spire characters are so diverse with unique abilities and play styles. With The Senshi, you will definitely be impressed by the way she uses her wonderful magic and her determination to fight against other opponents.

Slay The Spire: The Senshi Mod

In this Slay The Spire mode, you will get access to 75 new cards, 20 new relics, brand new mechanics as well as completely new art and animations. Now, let’s find out about Slay The Spire: The Senshi!

Slay The Spire The Senshi Gameplay Mechanics

The Senshi character in Slay The Spire online features several awesome gameplay mechanics, including:

  • Magic: The damage of Magical Cards will be strongly increased.
  • Transformation: Your Magic Capacity will be strongly increased by transforming.
  • Determination: Your Magic will be changed for each turn.
  • Teamwork: If these cards are played straightly right after a card tagged “Sailor Moon’, they will earn an extra effect.

The Slay Spire The Senshi Animation

  • The Senshi character has spire-based graphics. More than 2.3 of the cards that she owns have exclusive and impressive animations that you will see when they are played.
  • The assist cards of this character will call for their pictured character to carry out the attack that has sound and VFX taking the inspiration from the anime.


  • No commercial purposes for this Slay The Spire mode.
  • Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation are the owners of Sailor Moon character.
  • Multiple spires are taken from the Sailor Moon Arcade game.

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