Weekly Patch 44: Chrysalis

Daily Mods

The first section in the new patch for Slay the Spire game will revolve around 3 Daily Mods. They are connected to the previous ones.

Weekly Patch 44: Chrysalis

Hot Fixes

Aside from Daily Mods, you will receive changes for issues in Slay the Spire game such as:

  • A save incompatibility crash for custom runs
  • Certain score bonuses with achievements when beating the earliest boss on Ascension 20
  • Curl Up power on Louse
  • Red Skull relic
  • Timer
  • UX: Return wording for cards, powers, relics
  • Wording: Frozen Core description coloring with the consistency for Flame Barrier and Thorns

Wording Improvements

The dev team of Slay the Spire game got a big list of suggestions and feedback. It contains problems:

  • “Attack Damage” turns into lowercase
  • Attack and Skill cards are regarded as Attacks and Skills in descriptions
  • Keywords are gold
  • Capitalized Boss and Elite
  • Card, Cards, Relic, Relics, Buffs, and Debuffs are lowercase and not colored
  • A relic which has counters depleting will provide a consistent message “This relic is used up.”
  • Ordered specific keywords on cards: Unplayable > Innate > Ethereal > Card Description > Exhaust
  • “All” is all-caps when it points every opponent and cards that are not inside your hands
  • Upgraded the instances of “take damage” vs. “receive damage”
  • Draw Pile, Exhaust Pile, Deck, and Discard Pile are lowercase
  • Numbers and percentages are blue

Community Fan Art

We have some Poisonous fanart created by loyal players of Slay the Spire game. Tweet at @MegaCrit or ping on Discord  [discord.gg] if you love!

Community Fan Art

Poisonous by @Augustanna


Poisonous by /u/Dragonclaude

Flying Poison Daggers

Flying Poison Daggers by /u/ScruffyHuski

Patch Notes

It is an interesting of the new Slay The Spire update. It includes:


There are numerous mods which have not existed before:

  • Custom Mod – Daily Mods
  • Daily Mod – Colossus
  • Daily Mod – Controlled Chaos
  • Daily Mod – Deadly Events


Do not ignore the current part because it makes Slay the Spire game better!

  • Sources of random temporary card generation will not produce healing cards
  • Augmenter event transform option will pick 2 cards to Transform
  • The book of stabbing foes on Ascension 18+ will set a single stab and grow its multi-stab count.
  • Buffed Brimstone relic
  • To Meal Ticket relic buff, increase heals from 7 to 10 HP
  • To Membership Card relic nerf, you can only use a discount now

UI and Effects

It is quite brief, just has two main ideas:

  • 250+ Consistency and wording improvements for cards, powers, relics, with events
  • Added the other tricks to show that healing cards will not be created at random in the battle

Bug Fixes

Based on comments and feedback of players in Slay the Spire game, the team released many solutions for troubles that they experienced.

  • Added controller support for Wing Boots relic map navigation
  • Corrected Bonfire Spirits event
  • Colorless Cards mod can combine with shops
  • Corruption and cost-reducing cards
  • Diverse and Red/Green/Blue mods will keep out each other when you select
  • Effects om damage will work with damage prevention effects
  • Crash where joining the DAILYMODS seed
  • Issues generated by controlling the Sealed Deck mod many times in a row
  • An exploit that used the same cards times with controller or keyboard
  • Gremlin Wheel event will not make you stuck
  • Slay the Spire game will not crash if you have nothing to give the Bonfire Spirits
  • Keyboard confirm button will run in card selection screens
  • The Mushroom event can display card preview for Parasite curse.
  • Saving and Loading with Membership Card relic will not offer another map.


  • It is the last chapter in the present Slay the Spire update.
  • ‘.’ can be positioned
  • Fixed problems when Asian languages chose an English “.”
  • Mutagenic Strength, Meal Ticket, and Abacus assist more flexible descriptions
  • Updated for DEU, EPO, IND, ITA, JPN, SPA, ZHS, and ZHT

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